Sunday, March 16, 2014

WPP#13&14: Unit P Concept 6-7: Applications with Law of Sines and Cosines

This WPP#13-14 was made in collaboration with Chelsea Amezcua. Please visit the other posts on their blog by going here.
1.)Amarie Alize and Steven met today at a mutual friends' Super Bowl party. Before the game started the host decided to have a football game among all the friends. However, no one could find the football. Everyone was trying to look for the football(which was to the north of them) and at the same time Amarie Alize and Steven(who are 25 yards apart) found it. Steven saw the ball's path to be N28E from a north-south line through where he is standing and Amarie Alize saw the ball's path to be N39W from a north-south line through where she is standing. What is the distance between Amarie and the football?
 2.)Steven and Amarie were playing football and they both run to catch the ball. Steven runs 12 yds at a bearing on 56 degrees and Amarie runs 14 yds at a bearing of 315 degrees. How far apart were they before they started running? 

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