Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WPP#12: Unit O Concept 10: Solving angles of elevation and depression word problems

1. It is Fourth of July and Amarie Alize is looking up at the fireworks from ground level. She estimates the angle of elevation from where she is now to the fireworks up in the sky to be 23. She was watching the fireworks that her neighbors were exploding illegally. She knows the distance from where she stands to her neighbor house(where the fireworks are coming from) is 100 feet. How far up are the fireworks exploding?(Round to the tenth place)
2. Amarie Alize took some ski lessons during the winter, but instead of going to the rookie slope she went to the advanced slopes. She is just about to ski down a steep mountain. She estimates the angle of depression from where she is now to the bottom of the mountain to be 30. She read a sign that said "500 ft above ground level." How long is the path that she will ski?    

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