Friday, February 21, 2014

I/D#1: Unit N Concept 7-9: Knowing all degrees,radians,and ordered pairs around the unit circle;understanding and applying ASTC to the unit circle;finding exact values of all 6 trig functions when given angle in degrees or radians;finding angles when given exact value of any 6 trig functions

Numbers #1-3 are preformed in the video.

4.This activity helps you in deriving the unit circle because the "y's" vertice(the top vertice) ends up being the ordered pair for  the 30,45, 60 degree in the unit circle and those are you main repeated ordered pair of the unit circle, except the other ordered pairs are mirrored. 
5. The triangle drawn in this activity are located in quadrant 1. For quadrant 2, quadrant 1 is mirrored to the left, but all of the x values are negative. For quadrant 3, quadrant 2 is mirrored down, but both the x and y values are negative. For quadrant 4, quadrant 1 is mirrored down, but the y values are negative.
In quadrant 2, the 30 degree triangle just like folded or mirrored to the left, which made the x value become negative because looking at it as in a coordinate plane, the left is in the negative. In quadrant 3 the 45 degree triangle mirrored to the left, but then mirrored down. Therefore, both the x and y values are negative because it is down and left. In quadrant 3, the 60 degree just mirrored down or if you want you can see it as if it mirrored to the left, then mirrored down, and finally mirrored to the right to make a complete circle. The x value remained positive, but the y is in the bottom right, which is negative.
1. The coolest thing I learned from this activity was the unit circle is formed by 30,45,and 60 right triangles and the unit circle's ordered pairs are all the vertices of those triangles.
2.This activity will help me in this unit  because first I will not be mandated to remember all of the ordered pairs and if  I decided to just remember the ordered pairs and I forget the ordered pairs of the unit I could just see the triangles and find their vertices and those will be my ordered pairs.
 3.Something I never realized before about special right triangles and the unit circle is that the triangles vertices make up the unit circle and before I never applied special right triangles to anything I would just do the soh cah toa with special right triangles and now the special right triangles are applied to the unit circle.

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