Saturday, September 28, 2013

SV#1: Unit F Concept10: Finding all real and imaginary zeroes of a polynomial

Student Video#1 is about finding all the real and imaginary zeroes of a quartic or quintic polynomial. This includes the process of listing out all possible real/rational zeroes(p's and q's), finding out how many possible positive and negative real zeroes there will be by using the Descartes' Rule of Signs, finding zero heroes using a number from your p/q list or graphing calculator. Once you find a zero hero, you now use your answer row with a degree lower as a new header and keep on dividing it until your polynomial is a quadratic. Once you get a quadratic formula you take a GCF if possible and factor or solve using the quadratic formula.

The viewer needs to pay special attention to all the positive and negative changes when synthetic dividing because adding when supposed to subtract or vice verse really will make you get wrong polynomials and make it harder to find zeroes. Also, the viewer needs to pay special attention to distributing the negatives correctly when using the quadratic formula because then the numbers will not come out and the equation will not make any sense. All these precautions should be taken to get the correct answer and save time because when you get something wrong it takes time to look over your work trying to find mistakes.

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