Monday, September 9, 2013

SP#1: Unit E Concept 1: Graphing a quadratic and identifying all key parts

This problem is about taking a quadratic equation in standard form and changing it to get it into parent function form. We change it by moving the last number to the other side and then factoring out anything if possible. Then, we add the magic number to both sides. We get the magic number by dividing b(the middle number) by two and then taking the answer and squaring it. Then, we take the perfect squares of the quadratic equation with the magic number. In other words, by completing the square.
  Graphing a quadratic equation is way easier if it is in parent function for because we can get the vertex and everything else quickly. The vertex is the h and k in the parent function form(f(x)=a(x-h)^2+k. By using the parent function form we can make sketches more accurate and detailed. The viewer needs to pay special attention to foiling out a two and remembering to put that two to the other side and then multiplying first with the magic number and then adding/subtracting the number that was already there.

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