Thursday, April 17, 2014

BQ#5 Unit T Concept 1-3: Graphing all six trig functions

To begin with, the Unit Circle ratios for sin is y/r, cos is x/r, csc is r/y( because it is the reciprocal of sine), sec is r/x(because it is the reciprocal of cos), tan is y/x, and cot is x/y (because it is the reciprocal of tan). With that being said, we have amplitudes when we are dividing by zero, which will give us defined because we can't divide by zero. Sin and cos never have asymptotes because if we look at their Unit Circle ratios, r is always in the denominator. As we know when we are dealing with the Unit Circle, r is always 1. Therefore, we never divide by zero, which we do not have amplitudes because it is never undefined because we do not divide by zero.

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