Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SV#3: Unit H Concept 7: Finding logs given approximations

Student Video Three is about finding logs given clues(approximations). In order to, get the numbers the problem have you will need to take the numbers in the approximations and either multiply them or divide them together to equal the solution. After, you factorized the solution, you will need to expand your approximations, which means one log for each approximation in the problem. Finally, you substitute the letters given to the approximations.

The viewer needs to remember the hidden approximations of log base of base# =1 and log base 1=0. In addition, the viewer needs to remember that you can only multiply or divide the approximations to get the solution. Finally, the viewer needs to remember that if the problem is a factor, then it is using the quotient rule, which means there will be subtraction. The denominators are represented by the subtraction sign.

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